Zero-Day Research | Fixes Available

Fortinet's team of dedicated expert researchers and analysts examine many third party products and software applications daily, looking for weaknesses and exploitable vulnerabilities. When a vulnerability is found the Fortiguard Lab teams work together to create protective measures that can be delivered to our customers and notify the software/product vendor of the vulnerability. Learn More

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Fortinet Discovers Cisco WebEx Network Recording Player Memory Corruption Vulnerability

Nov 12, 2019 Risk CVE-2019-15283
Fortinet Discovers D-Link DIR-866L Unauthenticated RCE Vulnerability

Sep 27, 2019 Risk CVE-2019-16920
Fortinet Discovers Oracle Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability

Apr 16, 2019 Risk
Fortinet Discovers Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability

Jan 10, 2019 Risk
Fortinet Discovers Microsoft Office Outlook Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Nov 13, 2018 Risk CVE-2018-8582
Fortinet Discovers Easy Hosting Control Panel SQL Injection Vulnerability

Jul 06, 2018 Risk CVE-2018-13125
Fortinet Discovers Adobe InDesign CC Memory Corruption Vulnerability

Apr 10, 2018 Risk CVE-2018-4928
Fortinet Discovers Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop Heap Corruption Vulnerability

Mar 01, 2018 Risk