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Fortinet's team of dedicated expert researchers and analysts examine many third party products and software applications daily, looking for weaknesses and exploitable vulnerabilities. When a vulnerability is found the Fortiguard Lab teams work together to create protective measures that can be delivered to our customers and notify the software/product vendor of the vulnerability. Learn More

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Fortinet Discovers Netgear R8500 Stack Buffer Overflow in CGI Handler

Oct 04, 2019 Risk
Fortinet Discovers VMware ESXi Command Injection Vulnerability

Sep 17, 2019 Risk CVE-2017-16544
Fortinet Discovers Microsoft Windows Network Connectivity Assistant Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

Sep 11, 2019 Risk CVE-2019-1287
Fortinet Discovers WordPress (Core) Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Sep 06, 2019 Risk CVE-2019-16219
Fortinet Discovers MikroTik RouterOS Authenticated Arbitrary File Deletion Vulnerability

Aug 23, 2019 Risk CVE-2019-15055
Fortinet Discovers Netgear Bridge Mode Cross-Site Scripting

Aug 02, 2019 Risk
Fortinet Discovers Netgear WLAN Configuration Stack Buffer Overflow in SOAP handler

Aug 02, 2019 Risk
Fortinet Discovers Netgear Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol Cross-Site Scripting

Aug 01, 2019 Risk