Weekly Threat Briefs

FortiGuard Labs uses its industry leading global infrastructure of threat sensors, honeypots, and collectors to provide you with the largest source of data of any pure play network security vendor. Data is collected from all of these sources on a continual basis and analyzed by Fortinet’s world-wide team of analysts to provide you with a weekly recap of the incidents and threats you care the most about.

On this page you will find an archive of our weekly Threat Intelligence Briefs, as well as the ability to sign up to receive these briefs every Friday. Join the thousands of other security-minded professionals who receive these weekly briefs!

Activity Summary - Week Ending May 17, 2019 Profusion of Patches -- Microsoft patched 79 vulnerabilities in the May Patch Tuesday release. Three of these vulnerabilities were discovered by FortiGuard Labs researchers, Honggang Ren and Wayne Low.

May 17, 2019
Activity Summary - Week Ending May 10, 2019 Fareit/Pony -- FortiGuard Labs Researchers have discovered an ongoing malicious spam campaign that has been targeting a critical infrastructure energy provider in Romania over the last several weeks. The campaign uses a combination of the Fareit/Pony down...

May 10, 2019
More Tricks -- On Friday, April 26, 2019, FortiGuard Labs captured a suspicious email. After a quick analysis, it was discovered that it was spreading the malware TrickBot. This piece of malware is a kind of component loader, which can download other malicious components and execute them in TrickBot...

May 03, 2019
Predator the Thief -- In March 2019, FortiGuard Labs discovered a running campaign against Russian-speakers using a new version of 'Predator the Thief' stealer malware. The same actor was using one set of dummy files to deliver the stealer via different forms of phishing, including Zipped files, fak...

Apr 26, 2019
Activity Summary - Week Ending April 19, 2019 Ransomware continues to be impactful.  Below, FortiGuard Labs researchers provide detailed research into two of these interesting attacks. 

Apr 19, 2019