PSIRT Advisories

The FortiGuard Labs Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) continually test Fortinet hardware and software products, looking for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Any such findings are fed back to Fortinet's development teams and serious issues are described along with protective solutions in the advisories below.

May 26, 2016 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-16-009

May 16, 2016 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-16-008

Mar 16, 2016 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-16-004

Mar 16, 2016 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-16-003

Feb 25, 2016 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-16-002
Researchers discovered that certain next generation firewalls are designed to permit full TCP handshake with any destination,...

Dec 15, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-024
OpenSSL released an update in December 2015 to address a small number of vulnerability issues.

Dec 10, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-023
The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of FortiManager v5.2.2 is vulnerable to two reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. 2...

Sep 24, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-022

Sep 01, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-025
The Web User Interface of FortiSandbox version 2.0.4 and below is vulnerable to multiple reflected Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities. 5...

Jul 24, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-019
Installing Forticlient SSLVPN Linux client build 2312 and lower in a home directory that is world readable-executable yields a...

Jul 24, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-017
A remote attacker may access the internal ZebOS shell of FortiOS 5.2.3 without authentication on the HA ("High Availability")...

Jul 24, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-020
When connecting to a FortiGuard server via TLS, FortiOS 5.2.3/5.0.11 and below is supporting multiple weak ciphers including anonymous,...

Jul 24, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-021