• Virus is 32bit with a compressed file size of 424,832 bytes
  • The virus poses as a "crack" utility or possibly as a "key generator", both are generally used to make shareware or trial versions of applications fully functional
  • If the virus is run, it will display a fake error message like this -

    The file are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program.

  • it will copy itself to the undefinedWindowsundefined\System32 folder by a random file name, and modify the registry to auto run at next Windows startup as in this example -

    3F781D13 = C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\3F781D13.exe

  • The virus will search the hard drive for the common installation path of eMule for English Windows

  • The virus will write files into the shared folder of eMule if it finds these files or file folder

    C:\Program Files\eMule\eMule.exe
    C:\Program Files\eMule\config\preferences.ini
    C:\Program Files\eMule\Incoming\

  • The virus could write the following files -

    AOL Hacker 2004.exe
    Hotmail Hacker 2004.exe
    Portable Orange (FT) Keygen.exe
    Yahoo Mail Hacker 2004.exe
    WinZip All Version Keygen.exe
    WinRAR All Version Keymaker.exe
    Sexy ScreenSaver 2004.exe
    Free Hard Porn 2004.exe
    Wanadoo Hacking Tool 2004.exe
    Alcohol 120undefined CORE Keygen.exe
    Homeworld 2 DEViANCE Keygen.exe

Recommended Action

  • Avoid downloading .EXE files with peer-to-peer applications