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This indicates detection of the SafetyNET p RTFN CMS CDCN Unsubscribe command.
SafetyNET p is an Ethernet-based fieldbus communication protocol for automation use. SafetyNET p RTFN uses Ethernet/IP to communicate. It is categorized further into 2 category: CDCN and MSCN. The MSC is used for acyclic communication to transmit data on diagnostics and parameter settings. Devices write data into MSC packets and the message is transferred through a proprietary protocol, Message Transfer protocol (MSC-MTP). The CDC is used to transfer cyclic process data. In RTFN, the CDC is based on a cyclic sequence of point-to-point communications.
The CMS protocol is a separate specific set of messages which initialize and manage communication that are independent of the protocol logical channels. The CMS is used to initialize and manage links regarding the publishers and subscribers.